Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You're Doing IT Again

> Are you sure it's idiomatic?
It sure is. You're doing it again. You have what seems to be a fair
bit of "book larnin'", and it sounds like you ate a style manual or
two, but you have no idea what is or is not idiomatic. 

我在AUE上讀到的一小段很有趣的對話。一個印度人"又"在那裏質疑其他英語人士的話,然後另一個英語人士出來吐槽他。想像一下,如果你說某句日常 說法"我們一般都這樣子說的",然後一個中文非母語的人跳出來說"你確定你們是這樣子說的?",你會不會覺得他很滑稽?
另 外一個:
> Again, not something anyone'd say. It would definitely be 'This job doesn't suit you'

Look, English isn't your native language. Saying "not something anyone'd say" is very dangerous even when English is your native language, because there's always someone around who'll disagree with you.
Another one:
J------, I do wish you'd sometimes express your opinions in the form of questions, or use some other sign of tentativeness. The version with commas doesn't mean to me what it means to you: it just looks like a perhaps slightly awkward emphatic form.

> Hey, I never said it was a great example. Besides, it becomes quite plausible if you set the clock back a hundred to hundred and fifty years, which is probably where most of my English as well as my imagination of the English speaking world is set, seeing as most of the books I read are from that period .
Ah. No wonder your 'pedantic prescriptivism" comes across strangely to most of us here.

下述的對話讓我想到某人也做了類似事情。他引了一段1970的著 作,上頭寫說呢"現代的"英文用法有出現某種趨勢,所以根據那趨勢,某片語是"現在的"英語人士也廣泛在用.....這是甚麼邏輯?
>No, Fowler himself agrees with me that 'have got' is colloquial at best.
Fowler died more than seventy years ago.
> Personally, I see no grounds for using this form.
No one is forcing you to do so, but you needn't be so quick to criticize those who do.