Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Seen Him" and "Saw Him"

"Saw him," I heard my roommate mumbling something when he was watching TV news.
"Why? Did she say 'seen him'?"
"Yes, she said 'The last time I seen him'"

CNN is doing a breaking news report on the Mall shooting in Kansas City, Missouri (still doing the report), and one woman was interviewed off camera. The reporter asked her why she fled to a nearby store but stayed in her car, and she said she "seen" the shooter last time in the car (and something something... I don't remember the details).

My roommate is, well, how do I put it, quite sensitive about how people talk. Just a few minutes ago, he corrected another interviewee's English--the person said "Me and my girlfriend", and my roommate said "My girlfriend and I".

He sometimes would correct my English too; of course it's after I asked him to.