Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No loitering

這是我在Woburn Mall (位於 Woburn, MA)的McDonald's看到的標示(在自取飲料機那,還有其它「警語」。換句話說,你在拿飲料的時候就會看到)。我倒是沒在附近其它的McDonald's看到這標示。我只能猜說這個分店受不了太多人在那「坐著閒聊」....


其本上就是他們只給你30分鐘用餐時間。這之後如果你(們)還留在他們店裡頭 ....


Welcome to McDonald's. Now Get Out.

2017 以前去這家 McDonald's 時倒是沒注意到這標示。這次去因為就在我坐的包廂座位牆上。其實我一開始也沒注意到,後來一抬頭往牆上看,看到了。不錯了啦,至少這家給45分鐘。

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ESL Chauvinism
> involve just such multiple choice problems.  For the life of me I
> can't understand, if these tests are really important, why their
> writers don't have them vetted by a panel of native speakers.
Pride? Time? Money? Willing native anglophone vetters? Too much of the first and too little of the latter three.

Note to self: read the thread