Saturday, February 4, 2012

subject of a gerund phrase

"The handbook of good English" by Edward. D. Johnson

page 26: "1-7 Put the subject of a gerund in the possessive case, if possible"

2 types of gerund:
1. exactly like a noun (not taking direct object)
"... subject(possessive noun) V-ing ..."
2. mostly like a noun but has some characteristics of a verb or a participle
"... subject(objective form / non-possessive noun) V-ing ...." is common
(3. can't be assigned to either type)

page 28: "When the possessive is impossible or bizarre"

"When the subject of gerund is not a simple noun or pronoun but a group of words ..."

(NOTE: 這是給我自己看的筆記,所以我只大概引個內容。想看詳細的內容的人可以用 Google Books  找這本書)