Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The guru

      Yup, I'm the guru around the house, the computer guru, but there're still times I can't spot the problem right away.
      "Dame it to hell!" A curse came from my landlord's room, which signaled something troublesome he was having, so I walked to his room.
      "What happened?" I said.
      "The printer won't print." He said angrily.
      "Let me take a look."
      I used this printer before and knew the printer driver was installed on his laptop, so my first thought was it shouldn't be software related. His room wasn't properly lit and he didn't have a desk lamp at the time, so I couldn't see very well when I peeked at the back of his printer to make sure the printer's USB cable was secured properly. Even so, I could still see the cable was "attached", so I moved to his laptop and checked some settings. Everything checked out fine. The last thing I want to think was the printer was broken.
      Just when I was making my diagnosis, he mentioned he didn't hear the usual chime when he plugged in the USB cable to his laptop. A thought came to me. I turned his printer around and saw this: