Monday, April 26, 2010

Was given to jeans?

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL上的一篇文章:One Doctor's Lonely Quest To Heal Brain Injury
During his time at Clark, Dr. Stein was given to jeans, long hair and shooting his mouth off in faculty meetings or challenging guest speakers, even eminent ones. "Eyebrows would go up whenever Don's hand would go up," recalls...
畫底線之後的部分我讀了好多遍,雖然後頭的意思比較好抓,但是到底什麼是"...was given to jeans, long hair"?本來按照之前的內容他在學校不大如意,那麼我就猜也許這是在說學校把他派給穿牛仔褲留長髮的學生,但是意思不是很合理。又讀了幾遍之後,覺得應該是在說他的"習性"--他當時是穿牛仔褲和留長髮的,只是我不記得"give"有這用法,所以上了Longman ONLINE查give,卻找不到這字義和這用法。後來繼續查其他的字義-->given (adj),天殺的,居然在這裡!
Longman ONLINE
given (adjective)
3 be given to (doing) something formal to tend to do something, especially something that you should not do:
- He was a quiet man, not usually given to complaining.