Monday, September 28, 2009


After watching the video on this Blog(Use our right brain constantly to be a nice guy), I remembered something.

*               *               *               *               *
      A while back I constantly accompanied my girlfriend to visit her father. She placed him in an assisted living, so it wasn't uncommon to see old folks there who were, well, "out of it". One of the residents there was particularly energetic and bright. This old lady was thin, fit and a bit toward petite build. My girlfriend told me she was a neurologist, but the sad thing was she had Alzheimer. I remember right after she told me this, I was thinking "How could that be? Just look at her. She moves around and about just like everyone else." By saying "everyone else", of course I meant old people not living in the place. And her smile. She always smiled.  I never once saw her gloomy.
      Some weeks later, my girlfriend called me and asked me to pick her up at her father's place. I went, but couldn't find her at the lobby as she'd told me on the phone, so I walked inside and looked around.
"Are you looking for someone?" It's that lady with the same bright smile on her face.
"I'm looking for ...," so I gave her the description of my girlfriend, and told her I was supposed to meet her at the lobby.
"I know where she is. I'll show you, just follow me," and off she walked with a fast stride. "Make sure you can keep up!" she said to me.
      So she led me to the dining room, and I saw my girlfriend there. I thanked the lady, and she walked away with a I'm-glad-I'm-of-help smile.
      My girlfriend told me she was helping her father get seated in the dining room, and it'd take some time, so she asked me to wait for a little while. On my way back to the lobby, I ran into that same lady on the hallway, and she said to me “Are you looking for someone?”  Same tentative smile, same enthusiasm, but this time I knew it was true about her condition....