Friday, July 4, 2008

My Own Private Chinglish

     Well, English isn't my first language and occasionally some "Chinglish" would come out of my mouth.
Scene 1: I was driving and my gf was next to me.
Me: "It's time to put some oil to my car."
Gf: "You mean gas?"
Me: "Uh, what? What did I say?"
Gf: "You said oil."
Me: "I did? Oh my God.... I didn't know..."
     When I first started learning to speak English in a class, I often spoke verbs in present tense when past tense was to call for. To avoid making the same mistakes, I tried pretty hard not to speak verbs in present tense all the time. Well, it worked but it also back fired.
Scene 2: Gf and I were at home.
Me: "......., and I thought I couldn't found it..."
Gf: "Find"
Me: "What? Oh! Man, I did it again..."