Friday, July 4, 2008

Past perfect, before ; Simple Past vs Past Perfect

Past perfect and "before"
(請從靠中間部份讀起:"Here's another view on this from a book called _Grammar for English Language Teachers_,....)
這 一篇則是提到美式英文和英式英文的差異。
這 一篇則是進一步的更有深度的回答。
寫的人(J. K.)本身是ESL/EFL老師(教英文非母語的人),他寫的東西和他的教學網站內容都相當不錯。


 Simple Past vs. Past Perfec
The Use of the Past Perfect
They left for Cambridge early and arrived at [=in] Cambridge before noon.

The above statement is from Merriam-Webster's Advanced learner's Dictionary.
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